Earn Free Digibyte

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What is Digibyte Faucet?

Digibyte faucets are a reward system, in the form of a website or app, that dispenses rewards in the form of a satoshi, which is a hundredth of a millionth DGB, for visitors to claim in exchange for completing a captcha or task as described by the website. There are also faucets that dispense alternative cryptocurrencies. Rewards are dispensed at various predetermined intervals of time. Faucets usually give fractions of a digibyte, but the amount will typically fluctuate according to the value of digibyte. To reduce mining fees, faucets normally save up these small individual payments in their own ledgers, which then add up to make a larger payment that is sent to a user's digibyte address.

Faucets are a great way to help introduce new people to digibyte, or to your favourite altcoin. Many faucets provide information to newbies as well as offering them some free coins so that they can try before they buy, experimenting with a test transaction or two before putting real money on the line. Since this whole area is so new and a bit scary to some people, who perhaps don't quite trust it with their hard earned cash yet, this is a great way to promote digital currency and bring in new users.

Recent Payouts

User Reward Date
D8i9DbDwsiffjRzC1FQNRh6qegG7Sac8DN326646 digitoshi2021-10-17 03:39:53
DFu6fvQgkdmhHoUVEYrkdHRAid3m3RmT7o303356 digitoshi2021-10-17 03:39:51
DSezy43H7HsR3vusADA97sRL4KPNhjFBfJ302519 digitoshi2021-10-17 03:39:35
D9gwyBfMRb8qweJMYaQKNnXG6Q2KH6So42384260 digitoshi2021-10-17 03:39:34
DCnW115kGpSFVDae8jgtJuyAG1puWBLLA8352338 digitoshi2021-10-17 03:39:13
DKeYXgXpKVpHHuggPsSAz69s6GxvZR5m2A353163 digitoshi2021-10-17 03:37:26
DQdWKyNygG5RRaguH82JCQQndUyQyCUXAf318998 digitoshi2021-10-17 03:36:11
DJR3wY1MZCwazVmfxt7XvqhFtaqwNuDd1n307874 digitoshi2021-10-17 03:35:34
D6iQCrXGr6AXowJk1LXgJcyXKm7dy5sk6E339523 digitoshi2021-10-17 03:33:44
DFNZ8qcYM8xxPkzKyXmBjEP9ah6wFsCWhx358609 digitoshi2021-10-17 03:33:38