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How to Withdraw in FaucetPay?


Remember: Other cryptocurency platforms requires minimum amount of deposits and withdrawals. So make sure to check it first before performing a deposit or else the funds will not be credited in your account.

1. In order to withdraw in FaucetPay you must first link your cryptocurrency address.

On your dashboard click Linked Addresses.

2. Input the neccessary information in the textboxes.

For this example we are going to link our Tron address. Once done click Link.

Now you have successfully linked your address.

3. Next go to Withdraw.


4. Here there are two options, Normal Withdrawal and Priority Withdrawal.

Here you can see now the Coin/Crypto that we added which is Tron.

5. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and click Place Withdrawal.

6. Once your withdrawal is successfull it will be processed depending on the options you choose.

7. Once processed you will be able to see your transaction ID if you scroll down in the page.

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