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How to Spot Trade in Binance?


1. In your Binance WebPage click Trade then click Classic.

2. Here you can find all the infromations you need to trade crypto.

On the right side you can see all the currency pairs.

Search for the crypto you want to trade.

For this example we are going to trade BNB. Just click the currency pair you want to trade.

3. Scroll down below and you will find the Spot Trade section. You can also see your available balance.


4. Under your available balance you can set your bid price. If you think the price will go down, you can bid on lower price.

During this time the price of BNB is $416 for 1 BNB.

We will try to bid at lower price.

5. You can also scroll on how much percentage of you current balance you want to use. It will also show how much BNB you will get. Once you set all things up just click Buy BNB.

6. Below you can see your Open Order/s. Once the price reach your bid price your order/s will be filled.

Note: If you bid higher than the current price your order will be filled immediately based on the current price of the crypto.

Same goes with selling crypto. If you have an available BNB or other crypto and you think the price will go up you can ASK for higher price. If you ASK below the current price your oder will be executed based on the current price.

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