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How to Install Metamask in Web Browser?


1. Go to Metamask.io then click Download now.

2. You can select on where your are going to install Metamask. For this example we are going to install it in Chrome.

Click Install Metamask for Chrome.

Click Add to Chrome.

Click Add to Extension.

Click Get Started.


3. If your are new to metamask just click Create Wallet.

Click I Agree.

4. Create your own password.

5. On the next page there will be a presentation on how to secure your metamask wallet. After watching it just click Next.


6. Metamask will provide you a Secret Backup Phrase. Just click on the gray box to reveal your backup phrase. Make sure to write it down before you click Next.

7. To confirm your backup phrase you must select each phrase in order. Once done just proceed.

8. No you have successfully created a Metamask wallet.

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