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How to Create a Binance Account?


1. In the Binance website click Register.

2. In the registration page you can register using your email or mobile number. For this example we are going to use our email. Fill up the fields and click Create Account.

3. You have to type in the verification code that was sent to your email address.


4. After a successful verification you will be redirected to the welcome page. Go to your Dashboard.

5. In your dashboard there will be a pop up that will ask you to secure your account. You can use google verification or phone verification. For this example we are going to use google verification.

6. It will ask you to download the Google Authenticator App. You can download it in App Store or Google Play. If you have already the Google Authenticator you can click Next.


7. You can scan the QR Code or just type manually the code below the QR Code. Make sure not to share this code to anyone. It is recommended to write down your code on a piece of paper. This will allow you to recover your Google Authenticator in case of phone loss.

8. To finish the security verification. You must type the code that you will get in your email(click get code to receive it in your email) and your google authenticator, then click next.

Now your Google Authenticator is enabled.

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